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We are a group of students from various universities who have had some difficulties getting into university, we have had problems finding accommodation and also making friends, so UniversityIntro is designed to offer selected videos of university students like us to help others improve their lives.

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We support network for the best students in all fields of study. Here, the managers of tomorrow are already making important contacts today.

Collection of the best tips for university students, written by experts in the field.

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Charles Deroulle . Admin and committed with students in USA

In addition, there is exclusive access to leading companies: As part of the mentoring program, members can benefit from the experience of successful executives.

At events, they can meet members of the Board of Management or senior management in person. There is also a job and internship exchange.

Would like to support particularly talented and committed students in their studies and career entry.

Students who are openly studying at a university and still have their first job ahead of them.

The support network is intended to make a contribution to securing the next generation of managers in.

For this reason, the admission criteria for the support network were closely coordinated with the partner companies. In this way, it was ensured that the admission criteria reflect the requirements of the economy for young executives.

Based on the defined criteria, the decision on admission to the support network should be as objective as possible.

However, acceptance into the program or rejection of an application has no bearing on suitability for a career with one of the partner companies.

Finally, admissions are decided exclusively on the basis of formal criteria on four different dimensions. Other factors such as social skills are not evaluated.