WCU Nursing Student | Eat with me FAQS 2: Vir…

Hey guys! So I just wanted to make a video on how school is so far during Covid and how it has impacted my learning experience. Come grab some food and let’s eat together!

First and foremost, what I say and what my views are, are in no way related to the views of West Coast University. I am just sharing my journey as a West Coast University student and what to expect as a nursing student. What I share and talk about has occurred during my term and you should not rely on my schedule to plan your own schedule (it may be very similar).

With all that being said, I currently attend West Coast University and am in the Accelerated Bachelor’s of Nursing Program. My expected graduation date is January 2021.

I am a full time nursing student who works per diem as a patient care assistant and loves to go to the gym and lift! I try my best to balance everything out, but find myself struggling with this. I share my journey as a nursing student mostly on instagram @kriziaann__ .

All videos are the property of their respective owners.

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