Nursing Skill Check: Sterile Technique

Nursing skills lab video demonstrating concepts for sterile technique.

“Concepts of Sterile Technique: Opening sterile package. Open away from you, to the size, and towards you. Setting Up Sterile Drapes: Sterile drapes are used to set up a sterile field. Pinch the corner of the drape, lift the sterile drape from the package, grab the 1-inch border, hold the sterile drape away from the body, keep the sterile drape above the waist, allow the drape to unfold away from the body or any other surface. Lay the sterile drape on a flat surface. No part of the drape should hang off the work surface. Adding Sterile Items to the Sterile Field: Drop material six inches above the surface of the sterile field. Applying Sterile Gloves: Glove your dominant hand first. Slide fingers underneath the cuff of the second glove without using your thumb, the second glove is considered more sterile. Lift the second glove up from the sterile wrapper. Make sure you stay above the sterile wrapper. Insert your non-dominant hand into the second sterile glove. Fold the cuff over. Sterile Concepts: This sterile drape is no longer considered sterile if a portion of the sterile drape hangs off the work surface. Do not cross over your sterile field. Do not turn your back or walk away from the
sterile field. The sterile drape cannot be wet. Must remain above the nurses waist. The 1-inch border is not considered sterile. Gloved hands must not drop below the waist level.” .

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