Nursing Skill Check: Medication Validation Ad…

Nursing skills lab procedure for medication validation administration.

West Coast University students, you can find the Skills Checklist and Reference Guide links below:

“Medication Validation Administration: Med check one, check accuracy and completeness of MAR verses prescribers order and pull medication, med check two, prepare medication and compare medication label to the MAR,remember to perform the six rites of medication administration / ATI for each of the three med checks, the six rights are patient, medication, dose, time, and frequency, documentation, and route. Check expiration date on all medications, enter the patient’s room, provide patient privacy, introduce yourself, wash hands / CDC guidelines, use two patient identifiers, verify allergy status, assess the patient’s condition, perform pertinent assessments required for
specific medication, including oral, and skin inspection, check any appropriate laboratory results (if applicable), do not leave drugs unattended, label medications (if applicable), explain the
purpose of any ordered medication, educate the patient, inform patient of any possible side effects, and ask if the patient has any questions. Verify patient using two identifiers, and allergy status again to the MAR med check three at patient bedside check the medication to the MAR, administer
medications to patient using correct route, location, correct equipment, and with current technique. Dispose of soiled supplies, ensure safe environment, returned bed to lowest height with breaks locked, and appropriate side rails up, and call light and bell in reach. Wash hands / CDC guidelines.”

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