Marian University College PROGRAMMES OFFERED …


1. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics
(3 years)
2. Bachelor of Science with Education (3 years):
(Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography)
3. Bachelor of Art with Education (3 Years): (History, Geography, English Language)

1. Diploma in Computer Science (2 years)
2. Diploma in Information Technology (2 years)
1. Certificate in Information Technology (1 Year)

1. Short Course in Basic Computer Skills (1 Months)
2. Short Course in English Language Proficient Certificate (2
To apply online visit our website or click link on below

Faculty Dean: Dr. Peter F. Kasigwa

The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences comprises of The Department of Education & Training, and The Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

It offers three-year degree programmes leading to the award of Bachelor of Science  with Education,  Bachelor of Arts  with Education and  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics.

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