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Visit: — The political science major is designed with a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning is a core of 12 hours of courses designed to provide majors with a common foundation and introduction to political science. The middle of the major is intended to allow students to sample broadly from the variety of subfields that make up the discipline of political science. The department has organized courses into three subfields: American Politics and Process, Global Politics and Spaces, and Politics of Ideas. Majors are required to complete one course in each of the three subfields (9 credits). Once the subfield distribution requirement has been met, students are free to concentrate their study in one particular subfield or to continue to sample from several areas. The end of the major is fulfilled by completing a Capstone seminar (POLI 405). This seminar is designed to emphasize the application of written and oral communication, critical analysis, and independent research. Although seminar topics vary by semester, all capstone seminars are designed to serve as a culminating experience in the major and should enable you to put into practice the knowledge, values and skills you have developed as political science majors. .

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