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On April 12, 2021, the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design hosted a lecture featuring Kengo Kuma and Balazs Bognar, Kengo Kuma & Associates. The lecture was funded by General Shale.

Kuma and Bognar lectured on “Practice of Nature: The Nature of Our Practice at Kengo Kuma & Associates.” Founder Kengo Kuma and firm partner Balazs Bognar looked at the methods by which the office tests and develops its work.

Using projects related by architectural aims and material detail, Kuma and Bognar discussed Kengo Kuma & Associates’s approach of building a body of ideas via evolution and not revolution. Each project represents an iteration aiming to understand our rich relationships to the environment. Featured projects were, therefore, linked not chronologically but by conceptual genealogy, grouped by fundamental strategy, tracing from small pavilion experiments with big implications to larger, more complex examples of architecture.

This was a reflection on design as a practice of ideas, a practice of relating to locations, a practice of making with nature.

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