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How to Be a High School Superstar

A Revolutionary Plan to Get into College by Standing Out (Without Burning Out)

Do Less, Live More, Get Accepted

How to Be a High School Superstar book

In How to Be a High School Superstar, Cal Newport explores the world of relaxed superstars—students who scored spots at the nation’s top colleges by leading uncluttered and authentic lives.

Drawing from extensive interviews and cutting-edge science, Newport explains the surprising truths behind these superstars’ mixture of happiness and admissions success, including:

  • Why doing less is the foundation for becoming more impressive, and scheduling free time is critical to success.
  • Why demonstrating passion is meaningless, but being interesting is crucial.
  • Why accomplishments that are hard to explain are better than accomplishments that are hard to do.

These insights are accompanied by step-by-step instructions to help any student adopt the relaxed superstar lifestyle —proving that getting into college doesn’t have to be a chore to survive, but can be instead the reward for living a genuinely interesting life.


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The advice given in this book is solid and useful even outside of high school. I would recommend it to high school students but also to anyone who wants to improve their life in some way.

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