College is not School

In the near future, you will surely notice many differences in everyday school life. You have to take care of your own things now.

How much differs from one university to another. In general, however, you can say that everything is one size bigger than in school. And more anonymous too.

Don’t worry, the next tip is about socializing! The sooner you get rid of the ghosts of school, the easier it will be for you to get started with the new “system”.

You’re not alone unless you want to be.

No longer is there one class group, no longer do you always have the same 25 people around you…..

There are now over 100 students in a year. But that’s no cause for concern.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re alone. Many first-timers feel lonely or are afraid that they don’t know anyone.

But that’s easy to counteract: I’ve found that it’s not that hard to approach people, even though I’m quite introverted!

Often, others are too shy to talk to you, but are happy when you take the initiative yourself.

Do you find it difficult to talk to strangers?

Then here are some introductory sentences, questions and topics:

Are you also in the first semester?
What is your second subject?
Where are you from, why did you come to...?
Are you straight from school?
Do you live in a shared apartment? What is it like, how are your roommates?
Have you ever been to the canteen, library...?
Are you going to the freshman party too (more on that below!)?
What's your schedule like? I wasn't sure if it was too much/too little?

A good conversation can develop from these examples.

For example, you can talk about annoying roommates, maybe you both come from a very small town and are now studying in a big city or vice versa?

For example, I knew someone who also grew up in a city with a subway.

So we talked about the buses, which only come here every 10-20 minutes, actually totally lousy small talk, but that was followed by breaks together in the dining hall and now we keep in touch regularly, even though we don’t study together anymore. … Yes and that was what happened friendships made of subway conversations without a subway.

However, the university offers another advantage here: you don’t have to know anyone if you don’t want to and don’t talk to anyone you don’t like.

Personally, however, I think it helps to surround yourself with like-minded people, to learn a lot more about everyday university life.

The more acquaintances you have, the more you’ll realize – study groups are also very helpful!

But unlike school, this is all left to the individual.

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